Aluminum Polishing Services

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Polishing Aluminum offers a wide variety of metal finishing services. From smoothing and enhancing the appearance of your finished piece to making it easier to inspect and maintain, we can help you achieve an attractive surface.

Polishing creates a surface that resists corrosion. It also makes the metal more sanitary and easy to clean.

Surface Preparation

Whether you’re looking to give your aluminum product a polished look or simply want it to be more durable, you’ll need to prepare it properly. The process involves cleaning the surface, sanding it down to remove imperfections, and then polishing it to get rid of any remaining dirt, rust or scratches.

The method you use for Aluminum Polishing Services will depend on the condition of the item and the size and type of abrasive needed. In general, smaller aluminum items should be handled with a good hand polish, while larger ones will need to be cleaned and then treated with a machine-grade abrasive to remove any scratches or pitting.

If you’re dealing with a larger piece that needs to be polished, try using an angle grinder with buffing wheels. After preparing the piece with masking tape and protective gloves, start with a lower grit sandpaper to clear away any imperfections, then gradually work your way up to a finer grit as needed.


Aluminum is a lightweight, structurally sound material that is used in everything from cars to cookware. It can be a great choice for decorative applications, but like any metal, it can oxidize and eventually lose its shine.

Buffing is the process of restoring the shine of aluminum by using abrasive compounds and buffing wheels to smooth out peaks and valleys. The goal is to achieve a mirror finish.

When buffing aluminum, the quality of the shine can be affected by the way you handle your tools. For example, if you use a bench buffer, always buff the part in the direction of the pad rotation instead of against it.

For hand buffing, use a soft cloth and lightly press the pad against the surface of your workpiece. Apply a thin layer of polish and continue buffing until the finish is as you like it. It may take a few passes to get the desired results, but it’s well worth the effort.


Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals, used in a wide variety of applications. However, like every metal, it’s prone to corrosion and oxidation.

Polishing can help to restore a beautiful shine to aluminum items, from pots and pans to aluminum rims. The best aluminum polishes double as deoxidizers, helping to prevent rust and reduce the risk of damage.

Before you begin, you’ll want to ensure that the aluminum item is completely free from stains or dirt. If there are any stubborn stains, use a metal pre-cleaning product to remove them before polishing the item.

Once you’ve completed cleaning, sand the aluminum using medium sandpaper. Apply a small amount of polish to the sanded surface and work it into the sanding scratches with a buffing pad. Buff the surface a few times to remove oxidation and achieve a mirror-like finish. Repeat the process as needed to keep the aluminum looking new.


Aluminum is incredibly versatile when it comes to finishing, and there are a number of methods to achieve your desired look. Some of the most popular aluminum finishes include liquid paint, powder coating, and anodizing.

Before a finish is applied, the material must undergo a pretreatment process. These processes help remove soils and other contaminants that could prevent a finish from sticking.

For this reason, aluminum parts have to be cleaned and degreased before they can go through a finishing process. These processes strip excess grease and oils to prepare the metal for better adhesion of the finish.

After the cleaning process, it’s time to decide which finish you want for your aluminum profile. The main reasons to choose a surface finish are improving corrosion resistance, priming the aluminum for painting or coating, and enhancing its appearance.

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