Dometic Cooling Units

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In order to prevent premature leaks, Dometic uses a corrosion inhibitor that protects the carbon steel cooling system from rusting. This inhibitor is sodium chromate.

If Dometic were to substitute sodium chromate with an alternative substance, it would have to follow a strict phase out plan. This would add up to significant costs for Dometic.

Split System

The split system is a popular choice on larger boats with an engine room and mechanical space to spare. There are several benefits to a split air conditioner over the standard single unit, including reduced noise from the evaporator and less space in the living areas for the aforementioned air handlers. The best part is the resulting improved performance translates to higher fuel economy.

The newest and most advanced version of the mini split, the Blizzard combines the usual suspects with the latest and greatest in mobile refrigerating technology to produce a system capable of delivering a whopping 7,000 BTUs of cooling power (yes, that’s about the power output of a single A/C unit). It has all the modern day features found in more conventional systems – an integrated compressor, fan and control unit, a remote based diagnostics display and a nifty microprocessor based control board.

The Blizzard carries a hefty price tag, but it does have its merits and should be considered by the time strapped owner/operator.

Compressor-Evaporator-Fan Unit

The Compressor-Evaporator-Fan Unit is the part of a camping refrigerator Dometic Cooling Unit that provides power and airflow to the condenser. The fan is designed to run continuously, or it can cycle on and off with the compressor.

It has a high internal cooling capacity and comes with both AC and DC power cords. It’s also Bluetooth and WiFi enabled, and can be controlled with a free app on your smartphone.

Weighing in at just over 42 pounds empty, it’s on the lighter end of the average for a compressor model powered cooler. It’s built tough with fender frames that help rebuff dings and bumps, and the handles retract to the sides when not in use.

The fan time delay can be programmable from 2 to 4 minutes in 5-second increments. It can be adjusted by using the PLUS (+) and MINUS (-) buttons to raise or lower the setpoint value. It can also be reset to factory settings by pressing both buttons simultaneously for three seconds.


If you’re looking for a powerful and efficient air con unit, Dometic have an excellent choice of inverter models. Both the Ibis 4 and Harrier Plus use an advanced dual cylinder inverter compressor with a reduced weight, noise and vibration.

The inverter also controls the speed of the compressor, which reduces energy consumption and running costs. It also helps eliminate start-up current issues when running from a generator or if your power supply is restricted.

Both units feature a sleep mode function which reduces the compressor and fan speeds while you’re sleeping. This means you won’t wake up to noisy, vibrating air con in the middle of the night.

These units are ideal for truck cabs, campervans and motorhomes. They have an impressive cooling capacity, are highly efficient (only 19A in eco mode) and come with a range of comfort features including remote controlled oscillating vents for effective air distribution and cold plasma air purification.

Battery Bank

The Dometic PLB40 battery is a top-notch way to power your favorite cooler or mobile device. These portable lithium batteries are engineered to be rugged and lightweight, and they’ll help keep your gear charged and ready for anything that comes your way.

One of the coolest features on this slick unit is its pass-through charging capability, which allows you to charge the PLB40 while simultaneously powering your compatible fridge or other 12-volt accessory. This feature is especially useful on long, multi-day overland adventures where you might not have a conventional vehicle to plug into a standard outlet.

Other features include a well-designed LCD screen that displays important information including the battery capacity, charging/discharging status and output status. The best part is the unit itself weighs in at a featherweight 16 pounds. That’s a huge leap forward from your typical lead-acid or gel battery. Whether you’re putting your RTX 2000 or any other Dometic fridge to the test on the trail or at home, this is the battery you can count on.

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