Pedicure Chairs

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Pedicure Chairs are an essential piece of equipment for any spa or salon. They should be comfortable, durable, and meet the requirements of local codes and inspections.

This model features a Shiatsu massage controlled by a remote and a removable pipeless jet system for hygienic cleaning. It has a sturdy base and is padded for client comfort.


A piped pedicure chair uses pipes to bring water from the building’s plumbing system into the bowl. Older chairs with pipes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if nail salons don’t clean the pipes regularly. This type of chair is more expensive to maintain and is harder to sanitize between clients.

Newer magnetic jets that create the whirlpool effect are more sanitary than older piped chairs. They’re able to be separated into 2 parts, the motor and the fan so they can be cleaned more thoroughly between clients. Many salons also use disposable liners to keep bacteria and dirt from entering the bowl. This is a more cost-effective solution to keep your client safe from infections.


Essentially, pipeless pedicure chairs are just like the old fashioned ones, except they don’t have pipes that take water into and out of the bowl. This means the whirlpool jets don’t work, but you still get the same great benefits as the old style.

These chairs are much easier to clean, and they sanitize more thoroughly than traditional piped-in models. That’s why a lot of salons are switching to them.

These are a popular choice among nail technicians because they’re easy to install and are safe for pregnant women. Just make sure you have a standard plumbing hookup and a drain in the salon floor to keep the chair’s basin fully drained after use. Ideally, the chair should also be connected to a discharge pump.

Space Saving

When deciding on a pedicure chair, salon owners need to consider how much upkeep and sanitation is required. SalonSmart offers a large collection of plumbing-free pedi chairs that use removable or portable foot spas to avoid the need for a basin and pipes.

The Continuum Maestro Opus is one of the most stylish-looking and efficient chairs on the market. It features a footrest that swings up and a separate leg foot rest that folds down. It also includes a convenient drawer and a built-in manicure tray.

Another great option is the Pibbs Siena Pipeless Pedicure Package. It includes the Siena chair with a Siena European rolling stool and a three-drawer pedicure utility storage cart. Its base tucks away a pedicure foot bath that has vibration and heat functions. It comes with disposable clear liners for a quick and easy clean-up.


A comfortable pedicure chair can make the difference between a happy client and a frustrated nail tech. That’s why the top salon chairs from brands like Whale Spa, Continuum, and J&A offer comfy tech stools to match their sleek-looking designs.

The Paddie pedicure chair has a hydraulic system that raises and lowers the seat up to 5.9’’, making it easy for clients of any height to sit comfortably. It also features a reclining back and 6 vibration functions to keep clients feeling relaxed.

Many of the best modern pedicure chairs feature a built-in discharge pump to help you maintain sanitation and prevent cross-contamination between customers. The pumps are easy to access and replace, so you can keep your salon clean and sanitary at all times.


American-made and plumb-free, the stunning Pibbs PS10 San Remo Pedicure Chair is designed to swivel 180 degrees, slide forward, and backward for easy access. This modern salon chair is outfitted with the Footsie Footbath or Belava Pro and comes in a variety of rich vinyl colors for personalization. The pipe-free magnetic turbo jets are removable, making clean-up a breeze.

The J&A Cleo GX Pedicure Spa with Glass Bowl is a luxurious and durable option that will elevate the aesthetic of your salon. This throne-style pedicure chair boasts an eye-catching fiberglass base that cradles a beautiful, durable glass bowl and is available in several rich vinyl color options. This modern salon chair also includes a technician side remote for ease of use, acetone-resistant flip-up side storage pouches and a convenient purse hanger for client convenience.

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