Spotify Cant Play This Right Now (An Updated Music Guide)

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There are a variety of features on Spotify that make it the best streaming music app today. The current song is not playing, Spotify pauses, and the application is not responding. This is a new problem. That is, the “Spotify cannot play this at this time” error message. Many users have reported that they are unable to play songs on the web player. It is possible that some users cannot listen to the current track on the app. It may be impossible for others to listen to all the songs on an album. “Spotify is unable to play this right now.” is the most common error message.

Find Out Why Spotify Won’t Play Your Music

There are many reasons why Spotify may not play a song you request. Moreover, these factors can also cause it to be so slow that it may irritate you. It may even cause you to cancel your subscription.

  • To import a track from your computer, click the button below. You can share the link with your friends. Alternatively, your friend will see that the app is unable to play the current song since it does not exist in his area.
  • If you try to play the music that isn’t available in your location, you’ll get the same error message that Spotify can’t play it right now. Due to copyright issues, some music may not be playable in certain areas.
  • You might not be able to play songs when the online player isn’t working correctly. Thus, checking whether the web player is down is helpful.

How To Fix “Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now.”

Please restart your computer before trying the following steps. Restarting your computer may resolve a variety of issues. Below are alternative methods you can try if this process doesn’t work.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Spotify – Method No 1

You can run your desktop app more quickly and smoothly with Hardware Acceleration. Using the Spotify Hardware Acceleration feature allows you to change your basic hardware settings. It also customizes them to meet the Software’s requirements. It’s best to turn this off since it can reduce your streaming quality and cause errors such as “Spotify can’t play this at the moment.” You can disable hardware acceleration by following these steps:

  • Choose the Settings page in your app on your computer.
  • Choose the option to “Show Advanced Settings” at the bottom of the Settings page.
  • Uncheck the “hardware acceleration” box under the Compatibility option.
  • Restart the application.

Change the “High-Quality Music Streaming” settings – Method No 2

Consider the case of terminating your premium membership and switching to a free membership. Free membership does not allow high-quality music streaming, so you should adjust your Streaming Quality setting. Here are the steps to change the Audio Quality setting on Spotify:

  • Install the app on your computer.
  • To access your settings, click on your name in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Don’t forget to change “Streaming Quality” to “Automatic” or anything else different under “Music Quality.” Activate Spotify and modify the audio settings.
  • Launch Spotify again.
  • See if the issue has been resolved after restarting Spotify.

Stream Spotify In Better Quality on Android

  • Open the Spotify app on your Android device.
  • Choose “Music Quality” from the drop-down menu under “Settings.”
  • Click “Automatic” under “Streaming” and exit the app.
  • Check if the problem has been resolved by restarting Spotify.

Display The Unavailable Playlists or Songs – Method No 3

When users download songs to local drives and then delete them from the Spotify database. The song remains in your Spotify playlist but is unavailable for playback. Therefore, you must decide which songs cannot be played. You may also receive an error message telling you that this song cannot be played.

  • Go to the Spotify settings on your desktop.
  • Go to the Display Options section and select Show unavailable songs.
  • Try again if the error “Spotify can’t play this right now” has gone away.
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