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Unlike Portugal’s golden visa or Greece’s economic residence programs, which require a significant investment, Thailand elite official offers a much more affordable solution. The cost for the five-year Elite Easy Access package is only 1m THB.

After the background check is approved, you can pick up your passport from an Elite Visa rep at the immigration office. The agent will then take you to the privilege passport lane and handle everything for you.

Access to a World of Privileges

A Thailand Elite visa allows you to live in the country you love for longer than a few weeks or months. It also makes it easier to immerse yourself in new cultures or start a fresh lifestyle abroad. It offers a variety of services such as government concierges to help with immigration matters, business network connections, and opening bank accounts in foreign currencies.

There are 7 different membership packages to suit your lifestyle. Some include a limousine transfer upon arrival at the airport, complimentary spa treatments and golf green fees. Others have the ability to add on family members for an ad-hoc fee.

Applicants must pass a background check to be considered. Once approved, members will receive a welcome letter and membership number. They will also be guided through the process of getting a privilege entry visa at a Thai embassy or consulate or the immigration office in Bangkok. They can then begin living in the country for up to 20 years, based on the package chosen.

No Age Limit

The program is designed to promote Thailand to affluent foreigners who are interested in investing or living in the country. It offers several packages that allow a member to enjoy all the benefits of Thai citizenship, including a five-year multi-entry visa renewal and 24/7 concierge services.

The main advantage of the visa is that it does not require a minimum income or a health insurance policy. This is a great benefit for digital nomads who don’t want to do visa runs, retirees who don’t have to deal with new complicated rules and regulations, or investors who travel in and out of the country multiple times each year.

The application process takes about a month, and you will be represented by a professional agent during the entire process. You will also have a member contact center to assist you with all your inquiries. Upon approval by immigration, you will receive an approval letter and payment instructions.

Simplified Application Process

Unlike other visas, the Thailand Elite Visa comes with exclusive privileges that enhance your experience when living in the country. These privileges range from VIP airport immigration and services to extraordinary treatment at golf courses, spas, hotels, resorts, restaurants and more.

The application process for the Elite Visa is simpler than that of other visas. Unlike other visa types, you don’t have to prove your income or assets, and the visa doesn’t require health insurance.

Once you complete your application and pass the criminal background check, you can pay the membership fee, which depends on the package you select. Once your payment is confirmed, you can begin to enjoy the many benefits that come with the visa and the privileges. The Thailand Elite visa is available to people from all over the world. To find out more, fill out the form and a representative will contact you. You can also see the current packages on our website.

No Constraints

The Thailand Elite visa is designed to provide a hassle-free long-term stay in Thailand. It caters to people such as digital nomads, cryptocurrency/ NFTs investors, retirees, and those seeking a second home away from the harsh realities of their home countries.

The visa application process is easy and straightforward, and doesn’t require the applicant to present a financial statement or medical record. It also doesn’t require a minimum deposit of funds in a Thai bank account for a specified period of time.

Upon arrival and departure, members are welcomed and escorted by Elite Personal Liaisons. This VIP service includes priority queue for immigration and passport control, access to a VIP lounge and limousine transport to their destination.

Additionally, the visa offers preferred rates and privileges at various leisure activities and resorts across the country. These include shopping, golfing, spas and excursions. Members are also entitled to one free health check-up per year and access to a member contact center.

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