How to Undo Report Junk on iPhone in 2023

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Currently, iOS 16 doesn’t have an option inside the Settings app to turn off Report Junk. This means that users may inadvertently report important numbers as junk by accident.

1. Open the Messages app.

While iOS 16 has brought a lot of great changes to the iPhone, many users have been complaining about a particular feature in the stock Messages app that can cause you to accidentally flag messages as junk. The new Report Junk option allows you to mark a text as spam and alert Apple to it. While this is an effective way to stop unwanted messages, it’s easy to mistakenly use the option by accident.

In most cases, when you report a message as junk, the information about the sender and the message is sent to Apple. The company can then use the information to prevent future spam from that sender or number. However, it’s important to note that simply reporting a text as junk doesn’t necessarily stop you from receiving important messages from that number in the future. It’s only when the same sender is reported multiple times by different users that Apple takes action to block the number from sending you any more messages.

If you want to avoid accidentally using the Report Junk option, it’s best to update your iPhone to iOS 16.1. The latest version of the software removes the second prompt when deleting a message and only displays two options — Delete and Delete and Report Junk.

Moreover, you can also disable the “Show in Junk Folder” option from your Mail settings to prevent the iPhone from automatically moving any messages to your junk folder. To do this, go to the Mail settings on your iPhone and tap the account you want to change. Tap on the “Junk” tab and then toggle the switch next to “Report Junk” off.

Junk messages are texts (iMessage or SMS/MMS) that your iPhone’s built-in spam filter has decided are suspicious or a potential scam. The phone then moves these messages to a special folder, so you don’t have to see them and potentially click on any links inside them that could lead to a malicious website or phishing site. While some people find these messages annoying, it’s a good idea to keep them safe so you don’t get scammed.

2. Tap the message you want to undo.

As you know, the blue Report Junk button in Messages allows you to report SMS/MMS messages from a phone number that’s not in your contacts. It’s a great way to protect your device from spam, scams, and other unwanted messages. However, sometimes it can be easy to accidentally tap the button by mistake. This can be frustrating, especially since it can delete the entire thread of the message you’re trying to report.

If you do end up tapping the button by accident, you can undo it in a few simple steps. To do so, first open the Messages app and tap the message you want to undo. Once you’ve done that, open the blue “Report Junk” button and tap “Delete and Report Junk.” This will forward the sender’s information to Apple, and it will also delete the message from your device.

It’s important to note that even if you accidentally report junk, it won’t necessarily stop the person from sending you messages in the future. This is because the system only takes action when enough reports are made in a short period of time. If you receive a lot of messages from the same person, you may want to try blocking their number instead.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that tapping the button by accident can potentially expose your personal information to hackers and spammers. This is because it can send the content of the message you’re reporting to Apple and your carrier. This could include things like 2FA log-ins, passwords, locations, and other private information.

To prevent this, the easiest solution is to just ignore the “Report Junk” prompt when deleting an iMessage or a whole thread from a non-contact phone number. Just skip the option altogether and it won’t get reported to Apple.

Apple has acknowledged that the current UI can lead to accidental junk reports and is working on a fix for it in iOS 16.1. This update will introduce a new prompt where you’ll be offered options like Delete, Delete and Report Junk, with the latter being the default choice.

3. Tap Edit

If you’re using iOS 16.0 or later, you may see a second prompt when deleting messages from phone numbers that aren’t saved as contacts. This prompt asks if you want to report the message as junk, which can help Apple recognize future messages as spam and prevent them from reaching your inbox. Unfortunately, this prompt can also cause problems if you accidentally press it by mistake.

Thankfully, you can undo the Report Junk option if you do it by accident. To do this, open the Messages app and find the message that you reported as junk. Tap Delete, then tap the second prompt that appears. Tap Don’t Report Junk to undo the reporting.

The problem with this method is that it only works for messages sent from a number that’s not already in your Contacts list. If you want to undo a report junk on a text message from someone who’s not in your contacts, you’ll need to block them manually. And since many people aren’t familiar with the blocking process, they might not realize that the message was actually an important one.

While the feature is intended to stop spammers from sending unwanted texts to your iPhone, it can easily be abused by mischievous kids or those who play fraudulent pranks. As a result, many users are finding themselves accidentally reporting text messages as junk on their iPhone, which can lead to unnecessary hassle and potential security risks.

There is no way to turn off the Report Junk feature in the stock Messages app, but you can disable it for individual email accounts. To do this, open the Mail settings on your iPhone and scroll down to the “Junk” section. Tap the toggle switch to the Off position for each account that you want to disable the feature for.

Once you’ve turned off the Report Junk feature for an account, any new messages will be automatically filtered into the Spam folder and won’t reach your Inbox until you manually check them. However, this doesn’t stop other people from resending the junk messages to your iPhone. So if you’re worried about being spammed, you should always keep the Spam folder empty so that other people won’t be able to see your notifications.

4. Tap Undo.

If you accidentally report a text as junk, it’s easy to undo the action. To do so, open the Messages app and find the message you’ve flagged as junk. Tap Delete and Report Junk. This will send the content of the message and the contact information to Apple, removing it from your device and marking it as not spam. It will not, however, prevent the sender from sending you another message.

While the new reporting feature is a welcome improvement to the stock Messages app, it can be frustrating if you accidentally mark a message as junk by accident. Apple is aware of the issue and has promised a fix in iOS 16.1. In the meantime, there are some workarounds that can help.

The most common way to undo typing on an iPhone or iPad is to shake the device. Simply shake the phone left, right, up, or down to remove the last typing-related action. However, this gesture isn’t universal and may not work in third-party apps that use the touch sensor differently.

A better solution is a quick swipe with three fingers, which can be done anywhere on the screen. The three fingers don’t have to be arranged in a specific way or even touching, but as long as the iPhone registers that there are at least three of them moving together in a rightward motion, it will remove the last action. This is similar to the way you can bring up a formatting bar by single-tapping with three fingers in many Apple apps.

Another option is to use the tool wheel in Messages, which contains buttons that let you undo, copy, paste, and edit your text. This isn’t a perfect solution, however, because it’s not available everywhere and it can be difficult to reach when your phone is in landscape mode. It’s also not available if you’re using an Apple Pencil stylus and it’s docked. Fortunately, Apple has added the ability to create a shortcut to the tool wheel that allows you to easily undo messages. This is available in Settings -> Stylus.

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