Men’s Underwear For Comfort and Style

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The comfort of a new pair of underwear can make or break your day. It’s the freshness of the fabric taught over your skin and the gentle thwack of the waistband.

Long boxers are full length underwear favoured as a thermal layer by lovers of winter sports and the great outdoors. They can also be worn as male loungewear or nightwear.


Men tend to prioritize feel when purchasing underwear – the soft fabric against the skin, the gentle thwack of the waistband. As such, briefs are a prime choice – especially when it comes to supporting your dang manhood.

They sit higher up on the legs and hips, so are ideal for those with bigger thighs who struggle with bunching (unsightly, uncomfortable). They also do a great job of showing off your gym-worked tummy.

Designed to offer support without adding too much coverage, briefs are an everyday staple and great for sport. They are typically tight-fitting to hold your sack in place and provide protection from chafing when active. Most briefs have a sewn-on elastic waistline which is comfortable against the skin and leaves very few vertical red imprint marks when worn. The elastic is often brushed or made with microfiber for a better feel against the body too.


Boxers are similar to shorts, but they fit from the waist down in a square-cut shape. They are popular because they offer breathability and are less revealing than other underwear for men. They are also loose-fitting, which helps to reduce the likelihood of infection.

They are often made from shirt-style cotton and are sewn with an encased elastic waistline that is stitched inside the boxer fabric to create a casing, so that the waistband feels comfortable against the skin and eliminates vertical red imprint marks on the body. The elastic waistline is also a great place for manufacturers to add their logos.

Like briefs, boxer briefs are snug-fitting and can be worn with most types of trousers. They are especially good for winter wear under wool, jeans and other coarse fabrics. Their snugness also provides excellent support for bigger and taller men.


While women often wear thongs with bras and garters for a sleek, sexy look, men can also benefit from the snug comfort and invisible panty line a thong provides. Thongs are a great choice for anyone who suffers from chafing or irritation caused by tight clothing, particularly in hot weather.

Like a pair of jeans, thongs come in a wide range of fabrics, styles and fits, so finding one that feels comfortable on your skin daily is key. The fabric you choose can also make or break your experience, as some are more breathable than others. A thong made of a cotton fabric, like Wood’s Lenzing Modal and cotton blend, will offer ample breathability to help minimize sweat, chafing and the potential for irritation or rashes. In addition, this soft and stretchy material will firmly conform to your natural size and shape without digging in anywhere it shouldn’t.

Bikini Cut

If you’re looking for something a little more comfortable and practical than thong bottoms, consider a bikini cut. This style contours to the natural shape of the pelvis for a snug yet invisible fit that’s ideal for yoga, running and other athletic pursuits. They’re also great for hot weather, because they help to keep you cool by preventing overheating and sweating.

They aren’t as cheeky as a cheeky cut or boy shorts and provide more coverage than a thong or micro bikini bottoms, but less than a classic brief. You can even find a high-waisted bikini, which reaches all the way to the belly button and may offer some tummy control depending on the fabric technology used.

You can also add long torso straps or strings from the top pattern, about 3″ long each, to tie or pin behind your back for a flattering tummy and waistline. This is a great option for women’s figure and wellness division competitors, who want to minimize the amount of skin exposed when they are competing in a’s bamboo underwear

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